Plastic production has surged in the past 50 years, responding to the widespread demand for inexpensive, single-use disposable products that are devastating the environment. But now, many countries have proceeded with single-use plastic bans, in order to respond to environmental protection.

The paper cups, paper bowls and paper straws we know all contain plastic, they are coated with PE on the paper to achieve waterproofing and oil proofing, but it is difficult to recycle because the coating paper is not pure paper. This material will hurt not only the environment but our health.

Even the PLAPolylactic Acid, PLAis said to biodegrade, it required constant high temperatures for biodegrading, meaning it could only be composted in industrial plants. The appearance and color of PLA are difficult to distinguish from plastic, which may affect the traditional plastic recycling system. Moreover, PLA is not resistant to high temperatures and is not suitable for food packaging that needs to be heated.

We are suppliers of packaging materials, so we should do more for the environment. We started to think about what kind of material can replace plastic with paper, to reduce carbon emissions and be environmentally sustainable. Fortunately, through many technologies, a plastic-free paper has been achieved- ES FILM PAPER, which has rewarded FDA-certified! This microwaveable and oil-proof paper can be made into different paper containers or products according to different thicknesses.

In particular, ES FILM PAPER can be heat-sealed directly. We consider Paper film which can be used in food packaging machinery is the best application for this material.

- Excellent water and grease resistant.
- Non-plastic, Non-fluorescent agent added, available for direct heat-sealed.
- Recyclable.
- Good performance by flexographic and gravure printing.

ES FILM PAPER is environmentally friendly and complies with the plastic ban.
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