Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Printing Plates

What are printing plates?
Printing plates are flat sheets that are imprinted with your art. These plates are used on presses to print or stamp your art onto your products. Plates usually can be reused and will be stored for your future orders.
Can I use my printing plate on any product?
You can reuse your printing plate on the same type of product using the same type of printing method. To change from ink printing to hot stamping, from bags to boxes requires a different type of printing plate for each different printing process.
Will I be charged for additional printing plates?
Yes. Each printing plate requires a one-time setup fee. If you want to reuse a plate, you will not be charged a new setup fee; in some cases, however, if you change product or artwork, you will need a new plate. You will always be charged a printing plate fee for a printed order.
Do you keep my plate on file?
Yes. We will keep your plate on file for at least two years. Unused plates will eventually be discarded.